Radically Changing Relationships  

One Conversation At A Time

 “Conversations are not just a way of sharing information; they actually trigger physical and emotional changes in the brain that either open you up to having healthy, trusting conversations or close you down so that you speak from fear, caution, and anxiety”

   Judith E. Glaser

why a conversation coach

Something happened when you were talking, texting, or chatting online, and now you feel a disconnect. Maybe you wonder if something about the relationship has changed, and you wonder what you can say or do to clear things up.

Our conversational abilities and communication skills affect our ability to:

  • initiate conversations
  • ask for promotions and raises
  • deliver effective and dynamic presentations
  • ask for what we need in relationships
  • bond with others
  • have effective leadership skills
  • handle confrontation

Human beings crave connection, and when we interact in conversation, every single time, we can deepen our connections and strengthen our relationships. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true and a conversation gone awry can leave us feeling misunderstood, confused, invalidated, angry, or hurt. 

We sometimes think of our everyday conversations as “just talking,” but a conversation is a place of vulnerability, so when a conversation with someone has turned out badly for us before, it can become difficult to have that, or any discussion with them again.    

That's where I help.


my coaching style

Cognitive Behavioral Neuro-Coaching

As a coach, my job is to help you move forward and achieve specific goals, so we won't spend time talking about your mother unless she's the immediate problem; we're not going to dwell on your past because you've already spent enough time there.

I combine my incredible pattern recognition skills with compassion and cognitive-behavioral neuro-coaching to help you find and change the patterns in your communication style that are bringing you pain or frustration. 

I’m going to show you how neuronal and biological responses in your interactions keep you stuck living out an old story, conversation after conversation. But, I'll also show you how to change that by rewiring your brain to short-circuit them. Understanding these processes in yourself and others and knowing how to master them will dramatically change your day-to-day interactions with absolutely everyone. 


The sample session

What Can You Expect From A Free Sample Session

The free sample session I offer comes with no obligation, so please don't spend time wondering about the sales part of the conversation because there won't be one. 

When you commit to a sample session with me, I already know that you're open to hiring a coach. If our session meets your expectations, hopefully I'll be that coach. 

If you decide you want to hire me during the session, tell me and we'll set up a schedule then. You may need to think about it for a day or two and talk to a few more coaches, and that's fine! 

You can call, email, text, or contact me on LinkedIn. You can also contact me and schedule and pay for my services here  and on Facebook.

Before our session I'll send you this Communication Worksheet and ask that you get it back to me as soon as possible because I want to know as much as I can about you, your situation, and your goals as I can before our session. 

About 24-hours after our sample session, I'll send you a follow-up email with a feedback form. I do this because I want to know how the session met your expectations and what I can do to improve my practice. You can also ask me NOT to email or follow-up with you.